This page contains links to documents and programs. Programs developed by SCATA are clearly marked. SCATA does not provide support or take responsibility for the other downloads included on this page.

SCATA Logbook for Pocket PC

The SCATA Logbook is a free logbook available for Pocket PC based handheld computers. Unlike other logbooks available for Pocket PC you do not need to buy any additional software for it to work. Simply download and unzip the file below to your desktop PC and follow the installation instructions. The logbook has been designed to export data to the Royal College of Anaesthetists desktop logbook.

download (2211890 bytes, 954 downloads)

Author(s):Duncan Hancox

SCATA Logbook for Pocket PC 2003

If your Pocket PC has the PPC 2003 operating system, download this version.

download (2157152 bytes, 418 downloads)

Author(s):Duncan Hancox

SCATA Psion Logbook for Series 5/5mx, Revo, Series 7 and Netbook

Freeware Anaesthetic Logbook for Psion Series 5/5mx, Psion Revo/Revo Plus, Psion Series 7 and Psion Netbook computers

download (149212 bytes, 156 downloads)

Author(s):Chris Hopkins, Alastair Lack and Jim Watt

SCATA Psion Logbook for Series 3a/3c/3mx and Siena

Original SCATA Freeware Anaesthetic Logbook for Psion Series 3a/3c/3mx and Siena computers

download (28189 bytes, 82 downloads)

Author(s):Alastair Lack and Jim Watt

NHS Pensions Calculator

NHS Pensions Calculator in a Microsoft Excel sheet

download nhs_pensions_calculator6.xls (27648 bytes, 360 downloads)

Author(s):Alastair Lack

PPossum v3.0

This freeware program implements the published POSSUM, P-POSSUM (Portsmouth predictor equation ) and vascular algorithms.

download (227650 bytes, 324 downloads)

Author(s):Richard Muirhead


A clever Anaesthesia gas uptake model in a Microsoft Excel sheet

download (45843 bytes, 387 downloads)

Author(s):Alastair Lack

Endoscopy Simulator

The latest (Windows) version of CAFES, the endoscope simulator funded by SCATA.

download (1391427 bytes, 54 downloads)

Author(s):Michael Lim

for in, out, tip up, tip centre, tip down, rotate left and rotate right. M to bring up the menu, where simulator parameters may be adjusted. There are two external camera views perpendicular to each other and a tally count for tip-surface collisions. The simulation has been reworked for higher polygon-count meshes.

Proptrak and Remitrak

REMITRAK and PROPTRAK are progrmas to estimate the effect and plasma compartment concentrations of remifentanil and propfol in real time under differing lean body mass estimates

download (820319 bytes, 7 downloads)

Author(s):Richard Muirhead