AIMS, records and EPRs

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AIMS, records and EPRs

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Hi all,

I have been asked to look into electronic anaesthetic records, or Anaesthetic Information Management Systems (AIMS) asour trust intends to go paperless.

I have trawled the net and got a list of many systems, both from the large kit manufacturers, and smaller companies (frequently US based).

I am interested in seeing if anyone else has looked into this question, or has direct experience of these systems they can share.

I am aware that the AAGBI is looking into the question of best practice in anaesthetic records, and that this will extend into electronic records, and would be happy to hear from anyone involved in this process in case looking at commercial systems will become unnecessary.

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Re: AIMS, records and EPRs

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Hi Sean, I'll put you in touch with Andrew Norton's group that looks at Record Standards in Anaesthesia.
Apologies if you are already plugged into that group !

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