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Medical Databases

  • Entrez PubMed
    Still one of the best after all these years, and the SCATA webmaster's favourite, in spite of the French connection.
  • NHS National Library for Health
    The National Library for Health (NLH) aims to be the best health library and information service in the world. [sic]

International Anaesthesia Web Sites

  • AnestCadiz
    AnestCadiz, Andalusian website of Anaesthesiology (Department of Anaesthesia, Critical Care & Pain Medicine, University Hospital “Puerta del Mar” of Cádiz), is a non-profitable project set up in mid-2004 exclusively aimed at health professionals.
    website designed to view and discuss Evidence based anaesthesia, medical evidences, current guidelines & review articles relating to practise in anaesthesia & critical care medicine. To guide and be guided by the best available information. To further the cause of evidence based practise of anaesthesia & critical care.



  • John Powell's Web Site
    This is the website of a lovable but slightly eccentric Englishman (says my son Tim). If I'm not star-gazing in the dead of night or pottering along winding canals with Isabel on our narrowboat, I'm at home endlessly revising my autobiography-cum-history of anaesthesia.
  • Universal Anaesthetic Machine
    The Universal Anaesthesia Machine (UAM) is a full-size electric plug-in-and-go general anaesthesia machine. Its unique design offers a state-of-the-art workstation with an oxygen concentrator and conventional scavenging with a Y-piece/coaxial tubing set requiring no breathing valve at the airway. Its hybrid design combines continuous flow configuration with draw-over reliability. Standard components include a large-capacity vaporizer, a reservoir bag,an oxygen rotameter and an integral fuel cell oxygen monitor with options for oxygen and nitrous oxide cylinders.